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Body Double (ex-Mansion, Silver Shadows), Franzia Kafka, Emma James, MOM

  • Starline Social Club 2236 Martin Luther King Junior Way Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)

8:30pm doors, 9pm show.

$8 adv./door. BUY ADV. TIX


Body Double is the creation of Oakland-based musician/songwriter/front woman Candace Lazarou. Though a stylistic departure away from her former band Mansion’s brand of neo no-wave minimal skronk, the presence of Lazarou’s vocal and lyrical stylings still have a bold presence in Body Double. Three years of Lazarou’s songwriting, home recording and searching for the right line up has produced a fully formed band and a quality crop of well thought out new songs. Though a bit more melodic than Lazarou’s past work, Body Double delivers still just the right amount of surprises and an overall sense of cleverly executed vitriol that’s urgently needed in these times. “The goal of this project is to foster intimacy through effective communication” says Lazarou. And if that description sounds vague it’s not an accident. Lazarou adds “We want to disconcert and induce desire for more information.” So, In the spirit of that philosophy it’s probably best to end this band blurb right here. -Mattey Hunter

Emma James (RedRedRed, Dark Entries)

Franzia Kafka

Is she a lobster or a drag queen? Is she a human puppet or a real puppet? Dreams and reality twist around this nugget as she sashays lipsynchs and weirds her way into your heart.