Upcoming 2019 tours for Dan Melchior Band and Minibeast (w/Peter Prescott of Mission of Burma/Volcano Suns). Spring 2020 west coast tour in the works for Simply Saucer.



links for adv. tix and more info

 10/15 - Tower Bar, San Diego, with Slum Summer, King Whisker

10/16 - Zebulon, Los Angeles, with The Intelligence, Susan, DJ Brad Eberhard (Wounded Lion)

10/17 - Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, with Brigid Dawson and the Mothers Network, Sutros, DJ Schmeejay

10/18 - Casa de Topo Chico, Sacramento w/ Julian Never (members of Mayyors, Male Gaze), Proper Subjects

10/19 - Permanent Records in-store, Echo Park Los Angeles (free, all-ages)

"There are few forces as pungent, as potent, or as prevalent as Dan Melchior. The garage vet has a formidable cache of records piled under his belt and he’s constantly slipping in new entries under the cover of night. 2019’s volley comes with the Dan Melchior Band tag. His new album, Outside In, has a cinder-scorned midnight feeling to it, slinking through the darkened streets in search of some some forgotten solace, some inner peace that never quite conjures through the haze. Falling in the blues-buttressed valley between his fuzz-freaked noise offerings and his poppier days in the Broke Revue, the record is a greasy slide that hops back and forth with a pugilist’s swagger. Melchior doesn’t quite curry the same cache that some of his contemporary garage-slingers with equally prolific output’s might, but in my book he’s a rock solid bet every time. Outside In crushes some gravel in its teeth, spits splinters to the wind and lets fly with a few rusted hooks that leave a mark and warrant a check at the clinic.” - Raven Sings the Blues

"Off-kilter garage-meets-country & western rhythms serve as the fuzzy backdrop for Melchior's shouted vocals and lyrics that are by turn absurd and brilliant. He's been publicly carving his own idiosyncratic path through so-called "garage rock" and various forms of American roots music for years now - making appearances on over ten albums and a number of singles released on various independent labels. He has collaborated with Billy Childish and Bruce Brand of the recently extinct Headcoats and recorded and toured extensively with Holly Golightly of Thee Headcoatees. His solo releases have drawn from the work of maverick American folk musicians like Skip James, Dock Boggs and Robert Wilkins while retaining a sense of adventure and passion that is very often lost in the over reverent re-interpretations of a lot of mainstream modern musicians.” — All Music Guide